Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I wasn't lying when I said this week was an important week. Today I ran my second ten-mile run in as many days. I've learned the past two days of the importance of staying hydrated while running. I hit a couple walls during these runs. I drank some water prior to the run and at the 5 mile point each day. Each day I was a hurting unit around the 5K point after hydrating. This has made the next mile and a half after hitting the wall brutal. I can take away from this that I can fight through the wall. Fortunately, when I hit the walls during the marathons, I will never be more than a half mile from a water station. I'll also be loaded up with plenty of Gu Energy Gels and electrolyte pills. At this point, I seem to need the replenishing of water at each 5K. In past races, the energy gels were a huge help between the 5-6 mile points. This will allow me to stop for water, stretch the 'ol getaway sticks and see where I'm at seven or eight times. I'll be loading up on energy gel three or four times. I'd like to run this same ten mile run twice more this week with a 12-14 mile run this weekend. I'm gonna have some energy gel and electrolytes during the run and see how much of a difference it makes. I need to figure out how to get water at the 5k points. I recovered pretty well from yesterday's run in the heat. While today was hot and humid, it wasn't anywhere near as bad as yesterday. I'm gonna try and get up to an 18-mile run within the next two weeks and than taper it down for the week or two heading into Montreal. Physically and mentally, I need to get to get the confidence that I can go the whole 26.2. I feel as though if I get to the 18 mile point, than I'll know I can go the last 8. I'm only gonna push myself as far as I can right now. If I need to make a ten mile run only 7 than I will. Time isn't the priority, but health and mental strength are.


  1. Great job with the back-to-back 10 milers. If you don't own a hydration belt, I suggest you buy one. It's great having water with you as you run on what's finally summer like weather in CT. I also take Endurolytes to help with heat and cramping. They work great. If you're interested, Hammer Nutrition sells them. Keep up the good work.

  2. Take the time to think about the ripple effect of inspiration by training for and running these marathons. You are having a big impact on many of us committed to overcoming hurdles!

  3. Thank you Marathon Man. I am actually going to the local Fleet Foot tomorrow to load up on all the necessary goodies. I ran with a bottle today and it worked out but I'm gonna need a belt to hold the gels, electorlytes and water.

    Sheck dog - You three are the inspiration for everyone who knows you. If you are looking for something to look forward too, than check out the Carlsbad Marathon January 24... Im thinking of taking the trip and could use a running partner or two... Thinking of you both and I'll talk with you soon!