Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bring It On...

On any other weekend (at least over the last month) I would be throwing my feet up and basking in my run of 27:54 in today's Kiwanas Shad Derby 5k. This was a personal best and three and a half minutes better than the Glastonbury River Run only a month ago. However, tonight is different. I'm getting mentally prepared for tomorrow's Shamrock Duathlon. I registered this afternoon at Cycling Concepts on Main Street in Glastonbury. There were at least a dozen other competitors registering alongside me. They were excited, optimistic and talkative. I, on the other hand, saw it as the start of the battle. I elbowed, bullied, scratched and stared down each and every person. I made it clear that the roads were mine starting right then and there and if they obeyed I would consider sharing them. Rest tight, kiddies!

This race is billed as the "premier racing event in the region". I know that I'm in NO way prepared for this race, but that didn't stop me from drawing the line in the sand a day early. I found out that the first 5 miles of the bike is straight uphill. I'll get some relief for the next 6 or 7 and than its a mix. I know that my hybrid road/mountain bike is not the ideal vehicle for this type of race, but you gotta play with the cards dealt, right?

I have no clue what to expect. That is the exciting part of this race. If I can remind myself that finishing is winning, than I'll be fine. Giddy Up!

Now for the run down of today's Shad Derby 5k...

The Windsor Shad Derby is the official start of Summer. It takes place in the Center of town and is always a fun event. The 5k has been a staple of the weekend for 39 years now. There were somewhere between 150 people walking or running in this race. I showed up just in time, i-pod in hand and just looking for a warm up run. Well - warm up I did. The race went along Rt 159, to a gorgeous trail along the river, through the campus of Loomis Chaffee and ending back in the center. Three songs into the run (guessing just over a mile) my i-pod went dark. It was around this time that I realized there were no mile markers or water angels in this race. I just plugged along. As I took the final turn( about .2 from the finish) I saw the clock at 26:56... I turned it up a notch. I was going to break that 28 min mark if it was the last thing I did. By crossing the line at 27:54 I reached my goal, grabbed a water and in my best Tim Dunphy from "Outside Providence" fashion just quietly exited the scene. I was happy to reach my goal, but my focus was already on tomorrow.

Bring it on Glastonbury Farmlands! Bring. It. On.

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